Can you eat at Parx Casino?

Whether you’re craving an on-the-go snack or luxurious fine dining, Parx Casino® hosts an array of mouthwatering dining options to please every taste bud.

Is Parx Casino serving food?

Serving Dinner Wednesday through Sunday.

Is foodies open in Parx Casino?

Open during operating hours. On weekdays, Foodies will close a half hour before the casino closes.

Can you drink at Parx Casino?

There, you can’t drink anything (no coffee, soda, water, tea) on the casino floor. However, if you travel to any of the state’s other casinos, you can enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage while at the slot machine or table games.

Are drinks free at Parx?

Parx Casino Sportsbook does not offer free drinks to bettors. There are, however, free drinks available on the casino floor, so someone in search of a free drink could go put a few dollars into a slot machine, order a drink, and then bring it into the sportsbook.

Does Parx Casino have a hotel?

Parx does not have a hotel. There is a Holiday Inn within walking distance.

Is alcohol free at the casino?

Yes, as long as you are gambling. Free, except of course that you want to tip the wait staff delivering them at least $1 per drink!

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Do Pennsylvania casinos give free drinks?

Live! Casino Philadelphia and Rivers Philadelphia are now allowed to serve beverages without requiring gamblers to order something to eat. The loosening kicked in on May 21. Drinks are complimentary when gambling on the casino floor in Pennsylvania.

Can you drink at live casino?

No, alcohol has to be paid for. There are drink stations and coffee and water are available.

Are drinks free at Rivers casino Philadelphia?

Yes, if you are on the casino floor, actively playing, Drinks are free and frequent.

Where is play live casino located?

Live! Casino & Hotel is located at the sports complex in South Philadelphia.

Are drinks free at Rivers casino in Pittsburgh?

They do not offer free drinks nor do they give you any free playing credit for first time visits with a players card while every other one we’ve been to did.