What are the winning numbers for the Arizona Lottery The Pick?

What are the numbers for the pick?

Latest Numbers

Date Result Prize
Saturday, Nov 20, 2021 5 6 23 27 32 38 Est. Jackpot $8.7 Million
Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021 5 11 34 40 43 44 Est. Jackpot $8.5 Million
Saturday, Nov 13, 2021 9 11 12 17 30 37 Est. Jackpot $8.4 Million
Wednesday, Nov 10, 2021 4 5 6 10 32 42 Est. Jackpot $8.2 Million

How many numbers do you need to win the pick?

There are four basic ways to win when you play The Pick. All you have to do is match three, four, five, or six numbers in any order to win. Matching all six (6) numbers awards the jackpot. The jackpot starts at $1 million and continues to grow every Wednesday and Saturday evening draw until it finds a winner.

What time is the Pick 3 drawing?

PICK 3 drawings are held twice daily, seven days per week, at approximately 1:30 p.m. and 9:45 p.m., ET. Tickets for each drawing may be purchased up to 11 minutes prior to the applicable drawing – 1:19 p.m., ET for the midday drawing and 9:34 p.m., ET for the evening drawing.

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How do you win the Pick Arizona Lottery?

How to Play. Choose Quick Pick and let the computer select the numbers for you, or select your own six numbers (1 – 44). Add EXTRA!** for $1 or $2 more for a chance to win up to $250 or $500 instantly! The Pick tickets cost $1 per game and can be purchased*** at more than 3,000 Arizona Lottery Retailers.

What time is the AZ lottery drawing?

The new Powerball drawing will take place Mondays at 7:59 p.m. Arizona time.

How much do you win Pick 4 50 50?

Play Slip

Play Type Match Prize Payout
($1.00 Play)
50/50 (Exact/Any Order) 24-Way $100 (Any)
Combo (All Combinations of Exact Order) 4-Way $5000 ($4 Play)
6-Way $5000 ($6.00 Play)

How much do you win on Pick 4 straight box?

6. How much can I win playing PICK 4? On a $1 ticket, players can win a top prize of $5,000 for a Straight play, $1,198 for a Box play, $3,099 for a Straight/Box play, and $50 for a Front Pair, Mid Pair, or Back Pair play. 7.

How much do you win on Pick 3 any order?

Draw Payout

Play Type Match Prize Payout
($1.00 Base Play)
EXACT (Exact Order) 8-3-1 $500
ANY (Any Order) (6-Way) 8-3-18-1-33-8-1 3-1-81-8-31-3-8 $80
50/50 (Exact/Any Order) $290 (Exact+Any) $40 (Any)

What numbers hit the most in Pick 3?

See which numbers show up the most with Play 3 Numbers Most Drawn, a simple but deceptively powerful tool that focuses purely on the frequency of each digit.

Numbers Most Drawn for Play 3.

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Number Frequency Drawn
4 532 33.04%
9 516 32.05%
502 31.18%
2 489 30.37%

Can you win with 2 numbers on Pick 3?

If your two numbers match the winning numbers in the exact order and position drawn, you win. So for example, let’s say the winning Pick 3 numbers for a particular drawing are 1-2-3. If your Front Pair numbers are 1-2 or if your Back Pair numbers are 2-3, you win a prize. A 50 cent play wins $25 and a $1 play wins $50.

What is a straight box in Pick 3?

Straight. A Straight is a bet type which requires you to select three numbers from 0 to 9 and match them in the exact order they appear. You can select any combination of numbers; it does not matter if you choose three different numbers, three identical numbers, or something in between.

How much do you win for a dollar box?

On a $1 ticket, players can win a top prize of $500 for a Straight play, $160 for a Box play, $330 for a Straight/Box play, and $50 for a Front Pair or Back Pair play.