What is Sababisha daily jackpot?

Sababisha Bet is a daily Jackpot with which has two betting categories • 3way (Home/Draw/Away) • GG/NG (Yes or No)

Is there a bonus in Sababisha jackpot?

Sababisha jackpot has no bonuses. You need to get straight wins.

How Betika jackpot bonus is awarded?

Jackpot Bonus is awarded to winners who have correctly predicted 10 and 11/12 picks . 10/12 earns you 5 Jackpot bets and 11/12 earns you a cash bonus. Amount is determined once all the games have been played and all the outcomes of the winners determined.

What happens when a game is postponed in Betika jackpot?

When a Jackpot game is cancelled.

However, in the event more than 3 games are postponed/suspended/abandoned, the Grand Jackpot is cancelled and your stake refunded.

How do I check my Sababisha bet?

hello, to view your Sababisha betslip and outcomes; – Go to My Bets – There is a drop down arrow you are supposed to click. – A menu of 4 different filters will appear ie Normal Bets, Shikisha Bets, Jackpot Bets ,Virtual Bets and Sababisha bet.

How does Betika Grand Jackpot work?

There are 6 Motorbikes each week for 100 days for all Jackpot bets. … The Customers will upon placing their cash bet, qualify to enter the draw and stand a chance of winning a daily prize of 1 Motorbike. The draw will take place six (6) days a week excluding the kick-off day of the Grand Jackpot.

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Who has ever won Betika jackpot?

Josiah Manyara, James Kipyegon, Stephen Angayia, James Chirchir and Francis Ebei are the latest winners of the Betika Kshs. 15 million Midweek Jackpot. They join a long list of Betika winners after correctly predicting 15 games with Kshs. 15 stake to take home the Kshs.

Can you withdraw Betika jackpot bonus?

Apart from Jackpot Bonus, any other bonus awarded cannot be withdrawn. However, bonus winnings derived from the bets placed successfully with the bonus can be withdrawn.

Who are the owners of Betika?

Betika, is owned by Shop and Deliver Limited a company with Kenyan shareholders.

How much can you withdraw from Betika?

Betika on Twitter: “@wicky23 Hi, maximum withdrawal limit is 70,000” / Twitter.

What is Shikisha bet in Betika?

Shikisha Bet allows a bettor to pick one game that they know well and predict outcomes like who will score, how many yellow cards or corner kicks will happen in the match, will any of the teams were awarded a penalty kick, will there be a red card, etc.