What is the acronym BET stand for?

Slang / Jargon (2) Acronym. Definition. BET. Black Entertainment Television.

What does the company BET stand for?

Black Entertainment Television (BET), American cable television network and multimedia group providing news, entertainment, and other programming developed primarily for African American viewers. … BET was launched in 1980 by media entrepreneur Robert L. Johnson.

What does BET stand for in banking?

BET: Business Execution Team

Keep in mind that the abbreviation of BET is widely used in industries like banking, computing, educational, finance, governmental, and health.

What is the long form of bet?

BET – Black Entertainment Television network.

Is bet a black owned company?

Viacom acquired BET in 2001 for a reported $3 billion; Johnson earned over $1 billion from the sale, making him the first black American billionaire. … Johnson became the first African-American majority club owner of a major American sports league team with his 2002 purchase of the Charlotte Bobcats.

When did bet become slang?

The slang bet is evidenced by the 1990s, recorded in a collection of campus slang (and likely popularized by Black popular culture). It was an early entry on Urban Dictionary in 2003–04. It’s typically used as an exclamation: “Bet!” That has the sense of “Excellent!” or, to draw on a similar slang expression, “Word!”

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What is bet short for in texting?

Bet: Something is going to happen.

What is Bet medical term?

Page 1. Benign Essential tremors (BET) – (Also known as familiar tremors) Definition – Is a benign movement disorder characterized mainly by shaking of the hands. It can also cause tremors or shaking of the voice and head and less likely of the trunk or legs.

What is BET analysis?

Brunauer–Emmett–Teller (BET) theory aims to explain the physical adsorption of gas molecules on a solid surface and serves as the basis for an important analysis technique for the measurement of the specific surface area of materials. The observations are very often referred to as physical adsorption or physisorption.

Who is bet run by?


Owner ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks
Parent BET Networks
Sister channels show List