What is the setting of the bingo game?

Bingo hall in the North, during the Great Migration (probably in the 1940s)

What’s the theme of King of the Bingo Game?

Fate and Determinism

In “King of the Bingo Game,” Ellison explores the relationship between man and fate. The bingo wheel represents the “Wheel of Fortune,” an ancient image used to depict man’s position among the fates.

What time period is King of the Bingo Game?

A nameless protagonist sits impatiently in a movie theatre, waiting for a bingo game to begin. This is roughly in the late 1930s or early 1940s, and this sort of entertainment was popular.

What is the conflict in the King of the Bingo Game?

Smart Player “King of the Bingo Game,” by Ralph Ellison, is all about internal conflict. In this story the black man from Down South come in another place to play the game Bingo where he see different type of people with different behavior.

What happens to the protagonist at the end of the story king of bingo?

The bingo caller demands that he release the button, but still the man refuses. Two policemen approach him to take the button away. … The man begins to argue until he is hit in the head by one of the policemen, feeling a “dull pain exploding in his head,” and so the story ends.

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How do you cite the king of bingo?

2013Ellison, Ralph. “King of the Bingo Game.” The Norton Introduction to Literature. Tenth Edition.

Who wrote the short story Bingo?

Bingo (novel)

Author Rita Mae Brown
Language English
Series Runnymede
Genre Fiction, Women’s literature, Lesbian literature, Bisexual literature
Published 1988 (Bantam Books)

Who wrote King of the Bingo Game?

Through the lens of this man, Ellison is able to make a broader point about race, particularly because this protagonist lacks a name. Without a name, he could be almost any of the millions of African-Americans who traveled north during what is known as the “Great Migration” out of the South.

Why does the protagonist continue depressing the prize wheel button indefinitely?

In what kind of space does the bingo game occur? 3. Why does the protagonist decide to continue depressing the bonus wheel button indefinitely? A) He realizes there is no way to win on the wheel.