Quick Answer: How much is a placepot bet?

When calculating the total cost of your overall Placepot bet, you simply multiply your chosen stake by the number of selections picked in six races: e.g. if you have two horses in each race and your stake is 20p, your total bet would be: 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 0.2 = £12.80 (64 bets x 20p).

How much does a placepot cost?

How much does a Tote Placepot cost? There are two minimum stakes to bear in mind when it comes to the Placepot, the minimum stake per line and the minimum total stake. The minimum stake per line is 10p, although some operators may allow 5p lines.

How much do you win on a Placepot?

To win the Tote Placepot you need to pick a horse to place in the first six races at any UK, Irish or selected International meeting. With an average payout of £407, the Placepot is a great way to win big off small stakes and, at the 2019 Cheltenham Festival, one customer won £182,567.80 from just a £2 bet.

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What are the rules of a placepot?

Each meeting has its own Placepot – usually the first six races on the card unless otherwise stated. The total amount bet on a Placepot goes into a prize pool which is split by the winners. In fields of 4 runners or less, you have to select the winner. In fields of 8 or more, the horse can finish in the top three.

How much should I bet on a horse?

Types of horse racing wagers (and your chances of winning)

Bet Type Your Chances of Winning Suggested Plays (Based upon a $100 Bankroll)
Show Very good $6 per horse
Place Good $5 per horse
Win Average $4 per horse
Quinella Average $2 quinella box using three horses costs $6

Which bookies do Placepot?

These bookies and online betting sites all do a placepot:

  • 10bet Horse Racing.
  • 32Red Horse Racing.
  • 888 Horse Racing.
  • bet365 Horse Racing.
  • BETDAQ Review.
  • Betdaq Virtual Betting Review.
  • Betfred Horse Racing.
  • BoyleSports Horse Racing.

What is dividend on Sky bet?

Sky Bet on Twitter: “@goaheadads So the dividend you get paid for the first bet, will be the stake for the second selections” / Twitter.

How does a place 6 bet work?

In the Place 6 bet, 80% of total stakes go into the pool fund (Colossus Bets rake on the Place 6 is 20%). The money in the pool is then divided by the number of winning lines to generate the dividend. … 2 winning lines, then £500 would be the dividend.

What Is a Place 6 bet?

The Place 6 is a racing betting pool which challenges you to select one or more horses to place across six races on a nominated meeting.

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What does Tote place mean?

The Tote Place bet is one in which you back a single horse to place in a race with a minimum stake of 50p, and your selection must win or place for a return. Tote Place bets are offered on all races that have five or more runners and are one of the most popular the Tote offers.

What happens if a horse is withdrawn in a placepot?

My horse was withdrawn in a placepot – does it go to favourite? Answer: Yes the withdrawn selection is replaced with the favourite. In the case of co-favourites it is the horse with the lower race order number.

Can you do Placepot on Skybet?

Sky Bet on Twitter: “@joshclarkk Unfortunately placepots can only be placed on the desktop version of the site.” / Twitter.

What is the Tote Quadpot?

The Tote Quadpot is a popular pool bet in which players must pick a horse to place in races 3, 4, 5 and 6 at a meeting in order to win a share of the Tote Quadpot dividend. The more bets placed on the Quadpot pool at the meeting, the larger the potential dividend for successful bets.

What is the safest bet in horse racing?

“Straight” bets are your least complicated option and they’re the safest. These involve wagering that your horse will win, place or show, meaning that he’ll come in first, second or third, respectively. If you wager on him to win and he does indeed win, so do you.

How often do 100 1 horses win?

On average the strike rate is around 0.3% so it is expected that there will be many runners, but few winners to get back to that level. Out of all those runners only R Hannon has had two 100/1 winners. One jockey has had three 100/1 winners.

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What does a $2 exacta box cost?

a $2 Exacta Key Box: 1/3,7,9,10 would cost $16 and is made up exacta box bets of 1 & 3; 1 & 7, 1 & 9 and 1 & 10.